Lyon Change Consulting—on the Rise after Supplier Spotlight Victory

Lyon Change Consulting was the winner of our July Supplier Spotlight. After winning the contest, the company experienced an up-tick in business, and the phone hasn’t stopped ringing since. In support of the Supplier Spotlight contest and the Supplier Connection initiative, the company wanted to share its experience with a guest blog.

Lyon Change Consulting—on the Rise after Supplier Spotlight Victory

By Christopher Geren, Vice President of Operations for Lyon Change Consulting

20140807_121302The Supplier Spotlight contest provided us with an opportunity to express our understanding of what it means to share a purpose in the workplace and work together to see real results. As a team with a unified vision, we rallied together to talk about our shared values and how to express the importance of a people-centered approach to success. At Lyon Change Consulting, we believe that we share a common mission and vision with organizations like Supplier Connection: to bring new talent into the spotlight and drive innovation throughout organizations through diversity and inclusion. Since our win, we’ve had the opportunity to talk to likeminded organizational leaders of diversity and we’ve learned a lot as doors begin opening for us to make a real difference.

We are moving into a day and age where diversity of thought is becoming an invaluable asset to organizational strategy on a global level, thanks to the work of the National Gay & Lesbian Chamber of Commerce (NGLCC), Supplier Connection, and the numerous other participating organizations and individuals. Lyon Change Consulting incorporated in May 2013, with Alan Lyon—our President and Founder—who understood what a diverse supply chain means to strategic organizations today. After a year and a half, our firm completed research and development, and training while keeping an open dialogue with like-minded thought leaders. We have worked hard to achieve our mission to work with organizations that are actively seeking out solutions from their ever-growing, diverse supply chains. We are ready to give back to the community with our sights set on Employee Resource Groups and organizations that are ready to make an even greater impact and achieve new heights.

As a change management consultancy, we not only prepare organizations for the transformations of these maturing affinity groups, we also provide them with new tools and training. The results? Employee Resource Groups are provided with the ability to do more than ever—they become knowledgeable agents of change both within their sponsoring organizations and their communities. By implementing a Business Resource Group program structure and applying change management, these groups can truly connect with their sponsoring organizations and make a real difference. This results-driven framework integrated into Employee Resource Groups reconciles the often occurring ‘disconnect’ from their sponsoring organization’s business objectives. Change management ensures a successful integration while developing transformational leaders that drive innovative business results along with the knowledge of how to drive organizational change.

These affinity groups are a lot like small, diverse-owned businesses (such as our NGLCC—20140728_082823LGBTE Certified firm). Resources, budget, and time have their limitations—calling for a great deal of creativity, resourcefulness and commitment from everyone at work in order to make an impact. To make a real difference, it is crucial to be a part of a greater vision. It took a little bit of everyone at Lyon Change Consulting to win the Supplier Spotlight contest, and we are still getting phone calls for meetings weeks after our story was published because we are talking about people and how to really connect with them on a deeper level.

The Supplier Spotlight competition, powered by IBM, allowed us to pool our talents together and campaign for a victory, while continuing to succeed in our day-to-day roles and responsibilities. Our story had its very own mission: to demonstrate that our balance of people and process works when you put it to the test.

Since our win with Supplier Connection, we’ve had back-to-back meetings with Diversity & Inclusion leaders in several organizations that are ready to take their Corporate Social Responsibility and Diversity & Inclusion efforts to the next level.  We are very excited to be a part of this people-centered vision, and we’re amazed with the momentum the Supplier Connection platform has to offer our new, innovative firm. We are looking forward to giving back to the community in a way that is truly meaningful—providing people with the ability to make real changes for their community.

Learn more about Lyon Change Consulting at and follow them on twitter at

Send an email to Lyon Change Consulting, LLC at to learn more about the work they’re doing with Diversity & Inclusion initiatives in the workplace.

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September Spotlight Contest

The September Supplier Spotlight contest is open!

Elementary_classroom_in_AlaskaThe September Supplier Spotlight contest is inspired by back to school. After the long, lazy summer days spent relaxing in the sunshine by the pool it is finally time for kids to head back to school. Transitioning to the weekly school schedule can take a couple weeks for parents and kids to adjust. Many parents plan out a way to ease their kids back into the school year hustle.

This month we want to know how your small business refocuses after the summer. How does your small business handle the change? What does your small business do to refocus for a successful end to the calendar year?

We want to help your small business make the honor roll; the Spotlight is the best way to promote your business among Supplier Connection members—including our Buying Member companies.

More information on how to submit your entry can be found here. Don’t delay; entries are due by Monday, September 15 at 5 p.m. ET.

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Good luck!

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Radcom: the blue ribbon winner

Radcom: the blue ribbon winner

We are pleased to announce that the winner of our state fair themed August Supplier Connection Contest is Radcom. The company takes the fear out of change by helping companies provide lifelong learning opportunities. Radcom believes that the most successful companies prepare for and embrace change, which makes its services prize-winning!

If you haven’t read their entry yet, check it out here!

Learn more at Twitter LinkedIn

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